Exponential Progress with Jason Silva

“Organizations tend to be innovative at the beginning.” The problem now is that the exponential progress of technology requires that organizations disrupt themselves, lest they be disrupted. But the future is bright, because there are untold ways in which organizations can be more interesting, innovative, and creative. About Singularity University: Singularity University is a benefit […]

AI Is Forcing Google and Microsoft to Become Chipmakers

The chip market is growing. Will the software behemoths making chips be enough? By now our future is clear: We are to be cared for, entertained, and monetized by artificial intelligence. Existing industries like healthcare and manufacturing will become much more efficient; new ones like augmented reality goggles and robot taxis will become possible. But as […]

MAKERS: A movement in the Making

What makes “making”€“the next generation of inventing and do-it-yourself€“worth paying attention to. “Making”€“the next generation of inventing and do-it-yourself€“is creeping into everyday discourse, with the emerging maker movement referenced in connection with topics ranging from the rebirth of manufacturing to job skills development to reconnecting with our roots. As maker communities spring up around the […]

A DNA app store is here, but proceed with caution

Helix uses “flow cells” like this one to sequence its customers’ genes. Each lane on the cell contains a sample of patient DNA. A Silicon Valley startup called Helix is betting on the notion that not only do people want to learn more about their DNA, but they’ll also pay to keep interacting with it. […]

Shifting to the circular economy could release $4.5 trillion in new economic potential by 2030

The circular economy -an economic model focused on designing and manufacturing products, components and materials for reuse, remanufacturing, and recycling -promises big opportunities for the private sector to drive new and better growth and accelerate innovation. Shifting to the circular economy could release $4.5 trillion in new economic potential by 2030, according to Accenture. But […]

No more boarding passess needed when airlines use facial recognition instead

I see a future where you decide to go somewhere, push a button on your phone and get a ride to the airport, walk on to the plan and have ground transportation arranged to your final destination where anything you need is waiting in your room. Anything that eases the paperwork is a good thing. […]

Indian solar power prices hit record low, undercutting fossil fuels

Last year we were talking about solar energy growing 10x with a corresponding 90% drop in costs.  I’d talk often with people still thinking that solar needs subsidies from tax breaks. They also would point out that solar was only a small part of the energy economy.  I’d smile and remind them that it meant […]

Google AI Experiment lets you mix two instruments for some odd sounds

This experiment lets you play with new sounds created with machine learning. It’s built using Nsynth, a research project that trained a neural network on over 300,000 instrument sounds. NSynth is able to combine sounds, like a bass and flute, into a new, hybrid bass-flute sound. This experiment lets anyone explore these sounds and make music […]