Solar still made of bubble wrap could purify water for the poor

Solar stills can make tainted water or seawater fit to drink. But to produce more than a trickle, devices typically require expensive lenses or other equipment. Not anymore. Today, researchers report that they’ve created a cheap solar still from bubble wrap and other simple materials. Solar stills have been used for thousands of years. The […]

Phone with Gorilla Glass Survives Aerial Drop from 750 feet

When potential customers want to check out the sturdiness of a phone before spending hard-earned cash on a purchase, they usually turn to YouTube and watch some sort of drop test.  As it turns out, young smartphone maker OnePlus is well aware of that, which is probably why the company has recently published a video […]

Why are these odd-looking solar cars passing through the area?

Residents in the Parkland may have noticed strange looking cars accompanied by vans with flashing lights traveling down U.S. 67 the last couple of days. Not to worry, they are part of a national race and approximately 13 teams are competing in it this year. Principia Solar Car #32 Truck Driver Ken Pratt said this […]

Bio-Concrete Heals Itself [video]

All concrete cracks over time. The cracks themselves are not so bad in most cases. But water seaps in and can freeze and melt, causing further damage. Bio-concrete injects spores that can live for centuries… coming alive only when in contact with water. The bacteria grows until the water is gone and the crack filled.

Your Phone Is Poised to Get 10 Times Faster as FCC Approves 5G

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler took a seat, grasped a set of controls, and guided an excavator — that happened to be 1,400 miles away. By moving dirt in Dallas through a remote hook-up from the FCC’s Washington offices earlier this year, Wheeler showed the promise of what could be the largest and most […]

Netflix opens its Recommended TV program globally and raises the bar for inclusion

Netflix has announced today that its Recommended TV program will be launching globally this year, as the video-streaming giant also lifts the lid on new criteria for inclusion and announces the first TV manufacturers to gain the coveted Netflix logo for 2016. First announced last January before launching a few months later, the “Netflix Recommended […]

Report: The FAA is Way Overstating the Risk Drones Pose to Airliners

The FAA is Way Overstating the Risk Drones Pose to Airliners   In December, the Federal Aviation Administration issued a strict set of guidelines for small drones operating in U.S. airspace including a requirement that hobbyists register their drones with the government.  Any drone weighing more than 250 grams—or roughly half a pound—must be piloted […]

You can be Aquaman. World’s First Mass Market Artificial Gills

I’ve often thought about swimming pool meditation under water… Surface floating is good, but sometime I just want to noise and not dry off.  Now I can sit at the bottom of the pool, and plan my next great adventure… Exploring the world below the sea Welcome to the future of underwater breathing Triton. A […]

​MasterCard to leverage IBM Watson to give Small Businesses Big Data Analytics

Small business has much more data than they realize. Aggregators like MasterCard make it easier to use transaction data with IBM Watson MasterCard has partnered with IBM to give small to medium merchants access to big data analytics. The payments giant has integrated IBM Watson Analytics into its platform, along with its own anonymised transaction data gathered through […]

One Wall Street Firm Says Amazon Is About to ‘Feast’ on the Food and Beverage Market

More and more people are comfortable ordering groceries online or on a phone.  Amazon bet big from the start on the world moving to ecommerce and ease of deliverablity.. back when most of us thought they were a bookstore. Today that is paying off. Photographer: Lydia Mulvany/Bloomberg   One Wall Street Firm Says Amazon Is […]