Uber expects to give 15 million rides for New Year Celebrations

That’s three times more than last year. If you’ve ever tried to hail an Uber on New Year’s Eve, you know it’s either impossible to get a ride or it will cost you. This year should be a little different, mostly because Uber now shows you what the total cost of the ride will be […]

What is Personal Health Information Management?

As many of us walk through life we attempt to create order out of chaos with the goal of attaining some semblance of peace and tranquility. In Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography, he described 13 virtues with the third being “Order” which he admits gave him the most trouble. Franklin describes Order as “Let all your things […]

India Increases Investments in solar power, green corridor on government’s energy radar for 2017

Green seems to be the catchword for the Indian government heading into the next year as it gears up to achieve 175 gigawatt of clean energy by 2022 through auction of 1,000 MW of rooftop solar power, Rs 13,000 crore investment in solar parks and a Rs 21,000-crore package to boost local manufacturing of panels. […]

Most viral Facebook recipes are too gross to eat

A few days ago, PopSugar’s food blog shared a Facebook video recipe for “Wine and Cheese Shots.” It sounds bad even before you know the worst part: the shot glasses are made of cheese. All you do is melt a bunch of cheddar cheese, scoop the gooey mess into a shot glass mold, and then […]

Dot is The Best Selling Product. All the 2016 Holiday Records from Amazon

This 2016 holiday was the best-ever season for Amazon with devices including Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick, Fire tablet and Amazon Echo topping the best-sellers list. Customers purchased and gifted a record-setting number of devices from the Amazon Echo family with sales up over 9x compared to last year’s holiday season and millions of Alexa […]