This is Amazon’s grocery store of the future: no cashiers, no registers, and no lines

Amazon plans to break into physical retail in a new way. The online retail giant revealed a concept for a physical store in a video published Monday. The store, called Amazon Go, doesn’t work like a typical Walmart or supermarket — instead, it’s designed so that shoppers will use an app, also called Amazon Go, […]

Apple Wants to Teach Your Kids How to Code for Free

While Elon Musk is racing for Mars, there’s another race happening in school systems around the world: the race to integrate computer science into their curriculum. There are currently over 517,000 computer science jobs on the market, which is projected to grow at twice the rate of other jobs. Meanwhile, only 42,969 computer science students […]

Formula One champion Nico Rosberg announces retirement

Quitting at the top, Formula One champion Nico Rosberg shocked the world of motor racing Friday by announcing he was retiring at the age of 31, five days after earning his first world championship. “I have decided to end my Formula One career. I had a very, very clear dream, that was to become Formula […]

Students Have Made Martin Shkreli’s $750 Drug in Their Chem Lab for Just $2

Last year, hedge-fund manager Martin Shkreli made headlines for all the wrong reasons when he bought anti-parasitic drug Daraprim and jacked up the price overnight from $US13.50 to $750 a tablet. To prove how much of a dick move that was, a group of high school students in Australia has now created 3.7 grams of […]

Japan’s first new geothermal power plant in 15 years to open next month

Japan’s first new geothermal power plant in 15 years to open next month A new chapter in Japan’s energy industry begins when a new geothermal power plant taps into the nation’s famed seismic activity -opening the floodgates for dozens of similar projects across the country The government is monitoring the potential geothermal power boom, with […]