Amazon’s new Fire TV interface is what it should have been from the start

Amazon has started rolling out a free over-the-air update to its Fire TV products that dramatically redesigns the user interface — a welcome update to the more cluttered design that existed before. The old interface had a side menu with a long list of sometimes-redundant options, including Search, Home, Movies, TV, Watchlist, Prime Video, and […]

Blockchain ‘Crypto’ Crowdfunding Phenomenon Primed For Industry Disruption & Beyond

If one looks at a project like Centz, crypto tokens purchased in the crowdsale function not only as an asset of the company held as an investment, but can be exchanged for Goldbucks and spent throughout the network – whether for oneself or given via transferable e-gift cards. Dubbed the world’s first gift card cyptoexchange, […]

How Our Brains Respond to Different Content Formats

If you’re a brand with information to share, how should you package it? The answer depends on how you want readers to process your content. According to a new infographic from Main Path Marketing, different types of content affect our brains in different ways—and also influence what we do next.The Summary:  If you want to build […]

This Robotic Dog Could Soon Deliver Packages (Watch)

What would you think if you got a package delivered to your front door by a robotic dog? Today, you’d probably be fairly shocked. But in the not-too-distant future, this could be a commonplace occurrence. Google’s Boston Dynamics has created a robot named Spot Mini that it thinks could potentially get the job done. This […]

Despite Media Freak-Out, Data Shows Fake News Sites Have Tiny Audience

USDespite a media blitz portraying fake news sites as having a real impact in national politics — and even capable of affecting the outcome of a presidential election — fake news sites struggle to reach any sort of real audience. Fake news site, subject of coverage from the New York Times and the Washington […]

She Was Worried About Her Weight, So Bride and Groom Swapped Wedding Outfits

A couple in China might have started a new wedding trend, especially among future brides concerned about their appearance on their big day. Wu Shuai switched outfits with Ou Qian for their nuptials last week because his bride was concerned that she would look overweight in her wedding dress. According to a Facebook post that […]

Everyone Does This, Most Don’t Like It Done To Them

I’ve had numerous clients and business associates with professional backgrounds. Lawyers, medical doctors, psychologists, etc. At one time or another, I had to convince each of them, that to have had any modicum of success they were also in sales. Many people envision selling with car sales or, years ago, door-to-door selling from encyclopedias to […]