Shake Shack is launching a cashless burger joint in NYC

I see automation as a way to enhance customer experiences, streamline businesses and do our jobs better.  In the future world of abundance, we’ll have to deal with people having trouble moving from hourly wages to more fulfilling lives. I think it the biggest issue we face as a society and will work on anything […]

Cyborg bacteria covered in solar panels can beat plants at photosynthesis

Photosynthesis, or the way plants turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, is crucial for life on Earth — but it’s not a very efficient process. Scientists at a UC Berkeley lab taught bacteria how to cover their own bodies with nanocrystals, which function as tiny solar panels that capture more energy than plants can. The bacteria […]

How the Blockchain revolution will be bigger than the internet

The internet has changed things about as much as anything in history.  Now we’re seeing blockchain uses that go well beyond the currencies that are in the news today.  Imagine if every transaction between people. All finance, legal, trading, transportation, records, health, property.. anything in a ledger were secure and private but transparent in a […]

China is Working on a Timetable to Ban the Production and Sale of Non-Electric Cars

The Chinese government is working on a plan to halt the production and sale of cars powered by fossil fuels. Given that the country sees more cars bought and sold than any other, this could have a huge impact on the global electric auto industry. Deputy industry minister Xin Guobin stated that officials are working […]