Google, Awesomeness TV and Maker Studios Come Under Fire for Influencer Marketing to Kids

The subject of paid influencers dislosing that in their content looks like a lot of fuss over nothing. Obeying laws and rules are good. Remembering that Ronald McDonald or Micky Mouse doesn’t have to say “I’m a paid spokesman” puts it in a better perspective. A group of industry watchdogs are calling for Google, DreamWorks’ […]

Microsoft brings Solitaire to iOS and Android

It’s about time! Microsoft is bringing its popular version of Solitaire to iOS and Android today. While the game as existed on Windows for more than 25 years, the modern Solitaire Collection will now be available outside of Windows for the first time. Microsoft is offering its Solitaire Collection on iOS and Android free of charge, as […]

Hacked or Not, Audit This Election (And All Future Ones)

After an election marred by hacker intrusions that breached the Democratic National Committee and the email account of one of Hillary Clinton’s top staffers, Americans are all too ready to believe that their actual votes have been hacked, too. Now those fears have been stoked by a team of security experts, who argue that voting […]

Sweden is paying people to fix their belongings instead of throwing them away

To combat its”throwaway consumer culture’, Sweden has announced tax breaks on repairs to clothes, bicycles, fridges and washing machines. On bikes and clothes, VAT has been reduced from 25% to 12% and on white goods consumers can claim back income tax due on the person doing the work. The incentives are intended to reduce the […]

Bright Thought of the Day

I’m reading Evolved Enterprise – How to Re-think, Re-imagine, and Re-invent Your Business by Yanik Silver and just saw this quote.  It’s so perfect for a concept I’ve been teaching for the last decade: The Real Power Comes from Putting Others in the Spotlight I work with influencers, entrepreneurs, and authors who want to make a […]

Man-Made Rainbow Trapped Inside This Gallery Is Made Of 1000s Of Colored Threads

The Great Gallery of Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio, is usually filled with classic art pieces that date back decades and even hundreds of years back. But now it’s been refreshed by this gorgeous man-made rainbow placed right in the middle of it. The artist behind it is Gabriel Dawe, a Mexican-born creator who specializes […]

Blockchain technology is coming to the solar panels on your roof

Where there’s a market with creaking infrastructure to be disrupted, blockchain technology will disrupt it. At least that’s what some proponents of blockchain tech, which shares many of the same principles underpinning bitcoin, are hoping to do with the energy sector. While blockchain tech has taken high-finance by storm, with advocates touting it for everything […]