Pebble smartwatch maker will shut down and sell its intellectual property to Fitbit

Pebble Technology Corp., one of the first companies to manufacture smartwatches, said it will shut down and sell its software and intellectual property to Fitbit Inc., which also plans to hire some of Pebble’s “key personnel.” “Due to various factors, Pebble is no longer able to operate as an independent entity,” Pebble founder Eric Migicovsky […]

Las Vegas Timeshare Industry Adds $2.5 Billion to Local Economy

The Las Vegas timeshare industry contributed an estimated $2.5 billion in consumer and business spending to the local economy in 2015, according to a study conducted by Ernst & Young for the ARDA International Foundation (AIF).  Adding to this total were over 16,000 jobs, $867 million in salaries and wages, and $148 million in local […]

Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Every Industry

Machine learning is being applied in recommendation engines, marketing automation, financial fraud detection, language translation, and text-to-speech applications.  Apple recently announced that the iPhone 7 would use machine learning in its camera to recognize faces, imagery, and even the lighting in a room, making Apple the latest tech company to give primacy to its use […]