Woody Harrelson will shoot his next movie while streaming it live into movie theaters

Woody Harrelson is making a movie inspired by one night he ended up in a London jail. On its face, that’s not a very interesting premise, but lucky for anyone who roots for Woody Harrelson, that’s not all: the film, Lost in London, will be live-streamed in theaters at the same time it’s being shot. […]

Instagram – 600 Million Users and Counting

Today Instagram is proud to announce their community has grown to more than 600 million Instagrammers. And the last 100 million of you joined in just the past six months. A lot has changed this year, but the Instagram community and the diversity of expression it provides has remained consistent. And you now have more […]

I Clicked on an Ad. Found Something AWESOME!

This thing caught my eye. Mostly because I was watching what kind of ads we have here on Ochen.com I clicked, watch the video and I WANT ONE! Unlikely I’ll ever consider a purchase and it’s got limited use for most of us.  I think it’s the first great banner ad experience I’ve had in […]

Self-Driving Uber running red light – Pretty Scary

Uber just had one of the weirdest days ever Yesterday morning, Uber announced that its self-driving car service was live in San Francisco. However, the launch wasn’t without its share of controversy. Apparently, the 7-year-old company failed to get a permit from the California DMV for “autonomous vehicle testing.” According to Uber, that’s because they don’t […]